Classic dishes from the Sicilian Sea

Swordfish and red tuna are very popular throughout the word due to their versatility in the kitchen.

From entrées to first courses, they are used in thousands of recipes, all of them tasty.

With Alessia, you will discover Sicilians’ favourite food – they have been catching swordfish and red tuna in the Strait of Messina and in the Strait of Sicily for centuries.

In particular, you will realize how easy and quick it is to prepare swordfish rolls or tuna with peppers; Sicilians love tuna with peppers because it combines a tasty ingredient like tuna with fresh vegetables.

This cooking class will take you to Sicily’s recent past, with its tonnare, from Marzamemi to  Favignana and Scopello; hundreds of people used to work there and earn a fair living for their families. Tuna processing plants still exist at ancient tonnare.

Menu of the day

Alessia’s guests will enjoy:

  • Linguine with red tuna,
  • Pan-fried seasonal vegetables with mint and chopped Bronte pistachio nuts,
  • Rolled swordfish,
  • Sweet-and-sour peperonata,
  • Lemon jelly with cumin.