Past events


 Main events organized at Spaziobad

Historical lamps

2015 Salone del Mobile.Milano – Fuori Salone (side events)  – April 15/19, 2015

Organized by Caprotti Luce

The exhibit presents some lamps that have made the history of design, made of the greatest designers of the ‘ 900.

Exposed, among other, lamps like “Tolomeo” by Michele De Lucchi, “Gibigiana” by Achille Castiglioni, “Montjuic” by Santiago Calatrava, “Campari” by Ingo Maurer, besides some productions by Artemide and other companies that have marked the history of Italian and international design. In addition they also presented some of the original sketches of authors autographed.

Mostra lampade storiche_2   Spaziobad lampade

Material Perception

2011 Salone del Mobile.Milano – Fuori Salone (side events)  – April 12/20, 2011

Organized by Live-it

Live-it presents a set up of “objects” created by a consortium of companies that can make complex and tailored creations in the interior design sector.

Spaces to imagine, build, light up and feel. Spaces to be lived.

Salone 2011_2   Salone 2011_1

Anima e corpo

Photo exhibition organized by Silvia Berselli – March 26/April 11, 2011

Photos by Man Ray, Luigi Ghirri, Helmut Newton, Eva Rubistein, Elio Luxardo, William Klein and other major photographers of the 20th Century.

‘…..A face or a body may appear as they are in a picture .. But only an artist may go beyond appearances and seize the depth behind, in a shot…’

Anima 2   Anima_1


2008 Salone del Mobile.Milano – Fuori Salone (side events) – April 20/27, 2008

Organized by Baroni + Piscone

Set-ups where matter translates into architectural elements which become sculpture if decontestualized.

During the opening, SPAZIOBAD hosted FLASHOUT Performance , where dancing interacts with design in an optical space.

MAteriali 2   Materiali 1