Cooking classes

 The fragrance, taste and flavour of Sicily in Milan.

SPAZIOBAD offers Expo 2015 visitors a “tasty” opportunity to explore Sicilian traditions, while visiting the city.

4-5 hour cooking classes to learn how to cook delicious dishes with fresh pasta, in-season vegetables, fish and special desserts.

Cooking classes are held by Alessia Liistro, an expert cooking teacher in Syracuse for many years. With her you will get to know the best ingredients and recipes of the Sicilian tradition. You will need to get your hands dirty with flour, vegetables, oil and fish and you will learn cooking tricks. At the end, you will taste what you have cooked in a friendly environment.

Anybody can have access to Spaziobad’s kitchen. For those who suffer from allergies or food intolerance, for the visually and hearing impaired, for the elderly and children, Spaziobad and Alessia have created Sicilian Cooking Classes “Accessible to all”.

And you will be doing that in an original architectural space that will help you focus on what you are doing.

At the end of the lesson, you will walk from Renaissance Milan to the modern part of the city with skyscrapers, guided by young experts in art and architecture.

Cooking classes schedule

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