Cannoli and cassate

Many people wonder what the origin of the most popular Sicilian desserts is.

Its name (little tube) stems from the Latin “canna” or Arundo donax. In ancient times, the pastry dough was rolled in small reeds, as long as a hand, and fried in seed oil. Reeds were removed after cooling and the remaining fried pastry tube was called cannolo. The only difference now is the use of cannoli tubes of a different material, and of more modern tools.

Palermo’s cannoli are larger, with candied fruit and delicious ricotta cheese.

In Syracuse and Catania cannoli are smaller but as nice, also in the variant with chocolate and cream.

It is impossible to resist to cassata, the elegant and colourful queen of Sicilian desserts and a symbol of the ties between the island, once ruled by Federico II, and the Arab culture.

With her smile and passion, Alessia will take you into the ancient art of filling cannoli, and not only……

Menu of the day

At the end of the lesson, participants will enjoy the desserts prepared with Alessia, in particular:

  • Palermo style, white cream and chocolate cannoli;
  • Cassatelle di Pasqua with ricotta and cinnamon, and carnival fritters.

Participants will be offered a sweet Sicilian wine, like Passito or Syracuse Moscato.