Sicilian street food

Sicilian street food offers a wide variety of tasty food.

Thanks to Sicily’s mild weather, people can enjoy several days of sunshine and long walks at night by the sea or in the mysterious and surprising Inland Sicily.

Snack shops and fried food shops can be found along the coast, in historical centres and in suburban areas, where you can get your take-away food: fried fish, potato croquettes, meatballs, battered vegetables, rice fritters, St. Joseph’s cream puffs, plain of filled with cream. Fried rice balls (a must), Sicilian schiacciate or impanate (pies stuffed with all sorts of delicacies) and, in the Palermo area, panelle (chick pea flour fritters that can delight even people with a demanding taste).

Alessia will help you discover the secrets to prepare fried dishes or flat bread to be filled with in-season vegetables.

Menu of the day

Participants to this Sicilian Cooking Class will enjoy the lunch they will have helped prepare.

A buffet lunch will be prepared with Sicilian Street Food, composed of:

  • Bread and chickpea fritters;
  • Batter-fried seasonal vegetables (onions, sage, courgette flowers, basil, artichokes);
  • Salted Saint Joseph’s Day Cream Puffs;
  • Sicilian Potato Croquettes.

And at the end Alessia will delight us with sweet and warm Saint Joseph’s Day Cream Puffs.