Ricotta, queen of the table

Cow milk ricotta for first and second courses. Sheep milk ricotta for traditional desserts such as cassatelle or cannoli.

Ricotta is one of the most important ingredients of Sicilian cuisine and it is a uniquely fresh and tasty ingredient.

It has ancient origins; ricotta (from the Latin “recocta”, cooked twice) is made by coagulating whey proteins.

The process is simple, but there are critical steps in which the milk temperature and type of rennet may positively or negatively affect the final product.

During this cooking class, Alessia will be supported by a Master Cheesemaker who has been working in the production of various types of ricotta and other fresh cheeses for decades.

Class participants will have the opportunity to learn this ancient practice from a real Sicilian and they will be able to make their home-made ricotta, reproducing a few simple but precise steps.

Different types of ricotta will be prepared during the class and used, with other ingredients, to prepare a dish that you and Alessia will render unique.

Menu of the day

During the cooking class participants will have prepared ricotta, ravioli and cannoli.

So at the end of their hard work they can enjoy a delicious lunch together:

  • Fresh and cooked ricotta;
  • Ravioli with butter and wild sage;
  • Palermo style cannoli.