Hands-on experience with dough

You will work hands-on with dough to prepare ricotta ravioli.

Than you will clean the squid and remove the ink sack. And you will use the ink for the ravioli sauce.

At the end of the class, you will enjoy the food you have prepared with the other participants and with Alessia, to better understand what you have learnt during the lesson.

When you go home and cook this dish, your guests will be surprised.

The combination of ricotta and squid ink is quite recent and makes it possible to mix two basic ingredients of Sicilian cuisine.

Menu of the day

It is not a traditional combination, but when you cook this dish, “Ricotta ravioli with Sicilian squid ink sauce”, you will realize that it is one of the best combinations you have ever tried.

This is a single course lunch: ravioli with squid ink sauce and cuttlefish with wild fennel.

Followed by a delicious salad with cherry tomatoes and green olives, and a monastery sweet with figs.