Inspector Montalbano’s recipes. His favourite dishes: mixed fish fry

Frying is an exact science. Rolling in breadcrumbs, oil quality and the right oil temperature are key to the success of your dish.

If you follow the process correctly and precisely, and add a bit of creativity, the flair of the chef, your dish will become unique.

Sicilian cuisine can also rely on high quality and fresh raw materials such as small fish, Nassa prawns and squid, Inspector Montalbano’s favourite food.

Alessia’s fried dishes are especially appreciated by tourists from all over the world, as well as by her friends and family, for their lightness. Alessia will teach you her tricks in a cooking class devoted to one of Inspector Montalbano’s favourite dishes.

Sicilians may drive dozens of kilometres to eat their favourite mixed fry, a must of street food.

Menu of the day

Alessia will turn SPAZIOBAD kitchen into a small Sicilian fry shop where all participants will have their paper cone with fried fish and fried vegetables.

And of course the lunch would not be complete without some nice Sicilian wine, water and fried bread.