Vegetarian Sicily. Eggplants and seasonal vegetables

Peppers, tomatoes, onions, olives, celery, potatoes, carrots and, above all, eggplant.

Whatever use is made of them – parmigiana, caponata or vegetarian balls – what matters is that they are fresh.

The variety of vegetables offered by the Sicilian cuisine is absolutely unique.

They provide the right balance between light raw materials and tasty high quality ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, olives and cheese, typical of the Sicilian cuisine. It is worth mentioning caponata, an appealing baroque dish which offers many variants.

Alessia will show you the secrets to prepare healthy food that can satisfy the palate.

Menu of the day

Sicilian cuisine is one of the richest in vegetables. It may be due to the climate, or to the Arab and Spanish influence, but Sunday lunches in Sicily may be entirely vegetarian. Let’s all try traditional vegetarian dishes, popular throughout the world:

  • Parmigiana,
  • Eggplant balls with basil and caciocavallo,
  • Sweet and sour peppers with mint,
  • Filled pepi cornu,
  • Maccarruna alla norma with salted ricotta …

At the end of the lunch you will taste delicious citrus sweets.

Obviously accompanied by nice Sicilian wine and a lot of bread. And plenty of water, especially afterwards. Vegetarian cuisine does not mean diet food!!!