Inspector Montalbano’s recipes. His favourite dishes: arancini

One of Montalbano’s favourite food is arancini with minced meat and peas, prepared by his trustworthy and well-organized housekeeper Adelina.

Alessia will help you fill, shape and cook your arancini; it will be a unique experience for you and you will be glad to talk about it when you go home.

There are several types of arancini (or arancine, depending on whether you are in the Palermo or in the Catania area), for everybody’s delight: minced meat or minced tuna, mushrooms and smoked caciotta cheese for vegetarians, shrimps and rucola for the most daring.

The arancini shape differs due to the rivalry between the East and the West: a pyramid shape in the Catania area, reminding of Mount Etna, a round shape in the Palermo area.

Everybody can find the arancino that most suits his/her taste.

Menu of the day

At the end of the lesson participants can eat all the arancine they will have prepared and cooked:

  • With meat sauce,
  • With smoked scamorza,
  • With prawns and rocket,
  • With courgettes and sausage,
  • With mushrooms …