Arabian Sicily dessert

Nougat and giuggiulena, or cubaita as it is called in the Ragusa area, cannot be missing on the table at Christmas.

Alessia will take you through Arab origin Sicilian recipes still used to prepare Christmas desserts.

Giuggiulena is a sesame brittle (giolgiogian in Arab) made of honey, sugar and almonds (qubbayt in Arab, from which the name cubbaita derives).

You will dive into the Arab-Sicilian culture, which is still highly present in Sicilian cuisine, especially in desserts. And as happened with cassata, where ricotta is protected by the sugar dough, giuggiulena was “invented” by Arabs for long journeys. In fact it stays crunchy for very long.

Alessia will tell you many other stories and secrets of Sicilian traditions deriving from the Arab culture with regard to sweets and desserts.

Menu of the day

This class will be devoted to Sicilian desserts. Therefore at the end of the lesson Alessia’s guests will enjoy Arab and monastery sweets: giuggiulena, nougat, almond sweets and sweets filled with figs and raisin…..  accompanied by a glass of Sicilian Moscato and water.