Fish cous cous

Couscous is a poor dish, popular among different cultures in various parts of the Earth. Modest in origin but rich in culture and history, a symbol of integration among geographically and culturally distant peoples.

In Sicily, couscous testifies to the island’s ties with North African countries on the Mediterranean Sea, especially Tunisia, Libya and Morocco. At Trapani, Marsala and Mazara del Vallo, fish couscous is the most typical dish; in fact the Couscous Festival at San Vito Lo Capo (TP) is a major event in Sicily.

Alessia’s re-interpretation of this dish includes original ingredients such as monkfish, shark, yellow pumpkin and chickpeas.

But there are other ingredients Alessia cannot do without: spices.

She will take you to a more exotic Sicily, far from cliché, and you will learn how to cook a dish that so far you have eaten at restaurants in more obvious and probably less genuine versions.

Menu of the day

Spaziobad’s guests will wonder if they are still in Milan or in an Arab district. Their senses will be delighted by the scent of spices, vegetable and fish broth and they will help prepare a fantastic single-course dish: couscous!

Whether you prefer fish or vegetables, both couscous dishes will be rich in taste and colours.

Alessia’s guests will enjoy some nice Sicilian wine and an Arab sweet such as giuggiulena, a sesame brittle with honey which is now part of the Sicilian tradition.